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Install Kodi on MAG 256

[Request] MAG 256 kodi install

the OS is linux. but their platform is too closed. no chance. dont believe that “MAG256¬†is a unique open platform” marketing bullshit you see on¬†…

how to install XBMC on MAG254 Box

Now, wanting to¬†Install¬†the stalker addon within¬†Kodi/xbmc on the¬†mag¬†would be ridiculous. The¬†Magportal is soooo much better and even has¬†…

The mag 256 box

On the old forum I mentioned that I was getting the new¬†Mag 256¬†… Using a¬†Kodi¬†media centre device or indeed via a laptop with¬†Kodi installed,¬†…

[Request] MAG 256 kodi install ‚Äď Kodi IPTV M3u Stalker Bein Sport

[Request]¬†MAG 256 kodi install. March 12, 2017¬†Kodi¬†Community Forum – All Forums¬†Kodi¬†Support. Does anybody knows if the linux built can be¬†installed¬†on a¬†…

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