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Which Greek IPTV Box Should I Choose?

Hey there! As you should already know, I am a middle aged Greek living within beautiful Australia, the Greek precinct. My wife and me settled within a nice Greek community in Melbourne. Unfortunately, we hit a rough patch recently, when my wife was fired from her work at the local bank office. When this happened, I knew I would need to cheer her up by providing her with TV entertainment in the form of an excellent Greek IPTV box. It was her birthday, so I knew I would need a TV box that would work and remain reliable for eternity.

In order to find a TV box with both Greek and Bein Sports HD channels, I searched the web and found these two potential options

  1. Ellas TV
  2. ZaapTV™ X IPTV
  3. Easybox Maximus

I bought both knowing I could send one back in the future. Below, you’ll learn about my experience with both services.


Most Popular Greek TV Channels

Besides the Bein Sports channels, i would like to get these popular Greek channels.


Ellas TV Is Not A Sports TV Box

Ellas TV costs around $40 per month, and unfortunately, you do not get the Premiership matches (Bein Sports HD channels). Ellas TV offers Cosmote Sport, but they do not have the rights for broadcasting Premiership matches.

Ellas TV costs $40 per month and you do not get Bein Sports HD channels.

Ellas TV costs $40 per month and you do not get Bein Sports HD channels.

Ellas TV was removed from my list because of the high price and no Premiership matches.


Unboxing the ZaapTV X

ZaapTV X Review

Once I got both boxes with DHL, I had a few days, before my wife’s birthday. Therefore, I decided to experiment with the ZaapTV X it was somewhat tiny and i thought my wife would like it. Wow. It looked much bigger on the computer screen. I  hooked it up, so I could see how it would perform under a little bit of pressure.

Inside of the box, I found everything I needed (including RCA and HDMI cables). I grabbed the RCA cables, Ethernet cable and the power cord. Within a matter of minutes, I had the box hooked up and switched on the TV. Unfortunately, nothing happened and the TV was unable to find a signal. I spent 15 minutes tweaking the TV, but nothing helped. Eventually, I swapped out the RCA cable for the HDMI and got it working. At this point, I was already a little frustrated, but still willing to give the box a chance.

Although the interface was simple and works well, I was able to find a few flaws with the ZaapTV X. The channels switching  was slow. Of course, the biggest let down was the amount of buffering (when watching an HD channel). It was nearly unbearable. So, I put away the ZaapTV X and decided to give the Easybox IPTV a try.


Unboxing The Easybox Maximus

Easybox Maximus Review

While, I had to do a bit of soul searching to find the best IPTV box, I am very satisfied with the Easybox Maximus. I was definitely concerned about how to setup Easybox IPTV, because ZaapTV X installation process was more than 20 minutes. But believe it or not, I managed to pull it off in less than 3 minutes.

The Easybox IPTV box has a very compact design, so it did not take up a lot of space. I plugged up the electrical and Ethernet cable and then switched on my HDTV. Wow! The video quality was HD and I was able to navigate through the menus very easily.

I’m now two moths in and i am happy with it.


My Thoughts

Easybox Maximus is the winner in this test, it was a much better choice for my wife for a number of reasons, which will be listed below.

  • Offers a much wider selection of channels. Except the Arabic channels, you also find English (UK and USA), French, Greek, Russian and Spanish channels.
  • Easybox Maximus have all Bein Sports HD channels which was missing in the ZaapTV X.
  • Picture quality was gorgeous and zaaping between channels was lightning fast.
  • Jailbreaking was easy and delivered a whole selection of new channels.
  • Customer testimonials and reviews were very positive. Infact the Easybox IPTV have a better rating than ZaapTV X in both Amazon and eBay.

Thus far, the Easybox Maximus has been incredibly pleasant. It works great, my wife loves it, and I use it frequently too. As far as the ZaapTV X goes, I suppose the company has already received it back by now.

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Dubai, the greatest city on Earth, has many expats working there. Most of the expats are staying in the magnificent Dubai Marina. Last week a received a request about writing how to watch English TV channels in Dubai. This request came from an expat that misses his English channels.

How To Get Expat TV Channels In Dubai

This is the magnificent Dubai Marina.

I began searching the web for how Dubai expats at watching their channels, and found that some of them are using IPTV boxes like MAG 256/257 and Avov.

I decided to write this article to hopefully be a guideline for other expats working in Dubai. I this article, I will try to answer these questions

  • What IPTV box is better, Avov or MAG box?
  • Does Kodi work on either of the IPTV boxes?
  • What IPTV service provider do i recommend?

MAG 254/255

MAG254 IPTV box

This is the MAG254 IPTV box

MAG 254/255 are IPTV receivers from Infomir. They do IPTV well, except they are difficult to setup. It took me around 1 week until I knew how to make it play my TV channels.

My first experience was that this box was only for IPTV geeks because there was inner portal and outer portal. And finding the setup page was not easy. The menu is messy. But once they start working, then they work good.

This Amazon client reviewer also believes that MAG box is hard to configure.

MAG 254 IPTV Box Amazon Client Review

I am not the only one who believes that MAG box is hard to configure.

Where to buy MAG254? There are many that sell MAG254 in Dubai, for example

Things to keep in mind before you buy an MAG TV box

  • The box does not come with a channel list. You have to buy an IPTV providing service from
  • The box is not Wi-Fi enabled and you need a Wi-Fi dongle.

Avov Box

Avov box

This is the Avov box

The Avov is also Android box that emulates the MAG254, and the Avov TVOnline App is the result.

Avov TVOnline App

In Avov TVOnline app you can connect to 10 IPTV private servers.

I found that Avov receiver is quicker in response then the MAG254/255, and the boot time is minimal.

It has also multiple versions of Kodi.

Does Kodi Work On MAG And Avov?

I was supprised when I found that Kodi application is not pre-installed in my MAG254. In one of the Arabic IPTV forums I read that MAG IPTV box is a Linux box and not Android box. This is why I could not run Kodi on MAG254.

I contacted some dealer in and asked them if it is possible to run Kodi on Avov. I was happy when I received a reply the same day that informed me it is not possible to run Kodi on MAG IPTV box.

According to Avov official website, it is possible to run Kodi on Avov. The Avov has multiple versions on Kodi.

What About Other TV Operators In Dubai?

In Dubai you will find only two TV channel providers

To be honest, there isn’t a huge deal of difference between Etisalat and Du, but both of them does not offer the UK/USA channels. They offer more Arabic TV channels like OSN and myHD.

If it’s an three-in-one (cable TV, Internet, and phone) package you want, then both Etisalat and Du are ready and willing to meet your needs.

There are only two cable TV operators in Dubai - Etisalat and Du.

There are only two cable TV operators in Dubai – Etisalat and Du.

What IPTV Service Provider Is recommended?

TVLuux is the top service provider.

TVLuux is the top service provider.

Your TV box without an subscription from an IPTV service provider is useless. There are not channel list that comes with the box.

There are many IPTV service providers that provides you with an M3U list. This is an playlist of channels that your TV box displays. I will soon publish reviews about the 3 top service providers. The top service provider is of course TVLuux (

What Is My Recommendation – Avov Or MAG?

Both IPTV boxes are good in their own right and specifications may lean one way or another, but in the stretch… the choice between is yours. Also, get an IPTV service subscription in order to have channels to watch.

I prefer of course the MAG IPTV box.

If you found this article helpful, then please share it.

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